Geological transformations give birth to ranges, volcanoes, salt flats and lagoons, bodies of water that emerge in the middle of the desert, thermal pools, geysers and marshes. An intense blue sky invites you to discover scenery crowned by mountains and volcanoes almost 6,000 meters (20,000 feet) high.
A varied array of flora and fauna has managed to adapt to the extreme conditions of the desert. Llamas, guanacos and vicuñas graze the plains, while flamingoes and a surprising variety of birds inhabit the lakes and salt flat areas. Foxes, viscachas, rheas and lizards blend into the brightly-colored surroundings.
The native flora is made up of legendary chañar and carob trees, whose wood is still used for construction purposes. A large variety of striking bushes and plants and enormous cacti adorn extraordinary landscapes, while the vast extensions of paja brava (wild grasses) give the Andean slopes a golden shimmer.